Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Trends for 2011 - Beyond Colour

I find that in recent years the trends for interior design have been making a gradual transition rather than anything drastic suddenly appearing on the market.

Pottery Barn's knit throws
We are continuing to see hand-made, or hand-made-looking, items and I predict (very happily) that this is a trend that will continue; the ever-growing success of websites such as Etsy and Artfire are testament to this fact. Traditional folk art is a big influence (tole painting, embroidery, metal arts...), and quilting, knitted and crocheted items, and bead work are going to be seen everywhere and in all sorts of surprising combinations.

Restauration Hardware's Aviator Chair

Pottery Barn Kids crystal dream catcher
Texture, and the contrast of textures, is still playing a major role in design and decor, both for residential and commercial applications. Hammered metal with wood and glass. Crystal with feathers and mirror. And texture can easily be used to set the tone of a room - see how the Aviator Chair can instantly infuse a space with a retro / vintage look.

Popular motifs are birds, especially owls, postage, and anything in silhouette.  Silhouettes are versatile - depending on the design they can have a Victorian feel to them (think of old cameo brooches), a fun almost child-like appeal, or a very style-neutral way to introduce a motif.

Niki Jones' Twitwoo owl cushion
Cottage and Vine's silhouette dishtowels
Crate and Barrel's Marimekko bathroom set

Mobilia's Executive pillow is made of recycled ties!
The natural element is proving to be at least as much about the environment as about aesthetics, and is evolving to also include recycled or re-purposed materials.
Crate and Barrel's Maganda vase

Hopefully I won't start sounding too repetitive, but select the items that you love.  Trends aren't only about specific materials, individual colours, or the shape of something; trends are about the finished space when the different pieces are put together.

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