Sunday, March 2, 2008

Seminar series: Planning the Ideal Kitchen

One of the benefits that attracted me to moving Idealspace Design out of my home last year was the benefit of being able to hold seminars and workshops from a proper office - something I certainly could not do from my home office. After ten months, this coming Saturday (March 8th) will finally see the first seminar held: Planning the Ideal Kitchen. Additional times/dates will be scheduled too.

Planning the Ideal Kitchen isn't your typical free one-hour seminar covering only the most basic of design principals and a lot about current trends and fads; the focus is on function and practicality. Topics ranging from layout to lighting and even to hardware will be discussed leaving attendees with a whole new way of looking at the planning of their kitchen. Many homeowners face the same concerns when planning a kitchen renovation, and I designed this seminar specifically to address those repeated concerns, then elaborated until I had enough material compiled to offer a well-rounded and informative seminar. Of course the benefits of the hands-on involvement of an interior designer can't be replaced by a 1-hour seminar, but homeowners will gain confidence in their understanding of the considerations of a kitchen redesign project.

I am planning similar seminars for the planning of washrooms and home-offices as well to take place over the upcoming months. Although the preparation time is significant and the seminars are being offered for free, there is no better way for an interior designer to interact with homeowners in groups. Just as the designer can provide invaluable advice and information to clients, the clients can provide equally invaluable feedback to the designer.