Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts: Design project spending patterns

The spending habits of our clients have changed recently.  While spending freely on decor and questioning the costs related to construction had been the way things were, there is now a noticeable swing in the opposite direction.  People are understanding the importance of the "invisible stuff" (i.e.: electrical, insulation, etc...) and are looking for ways to make their spaces "look like a million dollars" for a fraction of that cost after the big stuff is done.

The best way to save on decor, and many of my clients are doing this, is to involve yourself in some DIY projects.  Whether you are all thumbs, don't have a creative bone in your body, or just think you don't know how to make things, there are projects you can tackle that will cost you only 10% of what you would pay for a similar item in a store. The tricks to a successful DIY project?

  • Choose your projects carefully. Consider your experience & the complexity, your comfort level with the tools required, the amount of time required & the amount of time you have...
  • Read all tutorials, instructions, and materials lists before you begin.
  • Be organized and have everything on hand before you start.
  • Don't try improvising when you really shouldn't. If the instructions call for carpenter's glue, you should not have a Crayola glue stick in your hand.
In the upcoming weeks I will be writing about some easy, inexpensive, no-special-skills-required, do-it-yourself decor projects that will save you money, make you proud, and motivate you for your next projects!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My articles in print in a real estate magazine

The local real estate magazine Homes & Land (Demeures et Domaines in French), which encompasses Montreal, the Eastern Townships, and the Laurentians, is publishing some of my articles. A couple of articles will be those previously published in their magazine, but most will be new content.

The current issue (Volume 4, Issue 7) is available in various locations around the city if you would prefer a print copy rather than flipping through on-line. "Planning the Ideal Kitchen Layout" appears on page 16.

Upcoming all new articles to appear in the magazine will include one about designing sun rooms and solariums, and how to properly develop a colour scheme that will work throughout your whole home, to name a couple.

Happy reading!