Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts (running really late)

Well, I'm getting my "Thursday Thoughts" out there in time for the weekend at least...

If you are like most people, you have one area in your home (or in your workplace) that is a work in progress. Either you never really decided on a specific decor or even colour scheme, or it is just lacking something to have that finished feeling. For these spaces, we tend to make purchases on impulse and often end up owning something that either isn't quite the right shade of red (or green, or beige, or...), doesn't fill a certain space quite like we had imagined, or is otherwise not quite perfect. And of course we don't return these things because we figure that for now having something is better than having nothing. A very wrong attitude, by the way.

Avoid poor purchase decisions by keeping photos and even samples from this room or area in your purse or car, or even on your iPad or other similar device that is usually with you. Paint swatches, a little piece of fabric, a couple of photos, and you've got enough to make sure you're looking at the right colours, and you have enough visuals with you for sales staff to be able to guide you in your shopping.