Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet Marie - In Marie's own words...

Written by Marie LeRiche

In July, as I was graduating from Inter-Dec College, I was put in touch with Karen through a classmate. The next thing I knew, Karen took me under her wing and is showing me the ropes of interior design outside of the classroom while having me work on all aspects of projects alongside her.

While still in elementary school, my dream was to become an architect. Later I became interested in the design aspect of spaces - aesthetics, form, colour, etc. At 19 I discovered interior design, which combines the architectural elements with the aesthetic design side of things. I sometimes feel like the profession was created for me!

I enjoy being busy. I enjoy having an over-filled agenda, and I like to take on challenges, some of which completely break out of my day-to-day routine. When I was 16 I made the split-second decision to join the army reserves. I chose one of the hardest jobs simply because I thought it would be a cool experience. I learned a lot about myself, I have grown stronger as a person, and I believe that my life would be very different without these experiences. This is something I plan to continue doing and being a part of. Needless to say, the bond created with the people I work alongside is like no other.

I am looking forward to further developing my design skills and my own style while working my way up as a part of Idealspace Design.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Transitions - Summer 2010

In design terms, transitions exist between exterior and interior spaces, between rooms, while undergoing a renovation, while changing the old for the new...  But they also exist at every milestone in life.

Transition, like change, can be seen as something to be overcome, or as upheaval of a sort.  Or it can be welcomed as a new beginning, an opportunity, or a place to move forward from.  If seasons in our lives had themes, this summer for me would certainly be labeled "transitions", both personally and professionally.

On the personal side, the big transition - my new beginning - is that on August 20th I married the most wonderful man.  Our wedding was like a fairy-tale, and took place on a stunning beach in Mexico, followed by celebrations in Montreal.  Part of this transition includes me going from being Karen S. Weiner to Karen Weiner-Mayar; the Internet cannot make this transition as easily as I did, so I will continue to be known as both for the next while.

Professionally there are some transitions too: Idealspace Design is proud to welcome Marie LeRiche.  Marie, a talented and enthusiastic junior designer, started in July and will be working with me on current and upcoming projects.