Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Thursday's Thoughts is a new feature I decided to add. Thursday's Thoughts will appear, you guessed it, every Thursday; the topic will always be somehow design-related, and it will literally just be a thought, not a full-length article. A point to ponder. A couple of words of wisdom. Maybe a photo with a sentence or two sometimes...

And here's today's thought:

Planning to renovate? Or even just dreaming about a specific project? It's never too early to start a "style file" - collect photos of things you love from brochures, magazines, websites, etc. Even start keeping a list of names of designers, contractors and other industry professionals who have been recommended by friends or family. This will start you (or your designer or contractor) off with an organized visual idea of the direction your project will take when the time comes.

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