Friday, April 3, 2009

Decoration not required

Sometimes it happens that we lose sight of what really matters, and it takes an usual situation to bring it back to our minds. As an interior designer, my world often feels cluttered with decor items - catalogs arrive routinely from manufacturers of everything from pillows and candles to artificial plants, decorative vases, wall decals, and more. When not in the form of direct mailings, it's in a commercial on television, a flyer included with my morning newspaper, and in every store - even the grocery store has a home decor section.

There's nothing wrong with decorative objects; not only do they serve the purpose of adding some pizazz to a space, but they make such easy gifts. (Don't we all need yet another chrome photo frame? Yes, that's sarcasm.) But there are times when decorating does not benefit a space more than the actual design already has.

Imagine a large L-shaped room with high ceilings, two generously sized windows with a gorgeous view, an en-suite washroom, a bed, a couple of chairs, and a double wardrobe. The decor was simple: off-white walls, and you leave the room not remembering the colour scheme or if there was one. But the room was beautiful in its simplicity. Oddly enough, this room that reminded me how little decorating a space needs if the design can speak for itself was a hospital room. Just goes to show that there's no telling where you'll be when you'll be reminded of what really matters.

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